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School Policies

Behavior Expectations and Consequences

For optimal learning to occur, the classroom must be physically and psychologically safe. To ensure this safety, a set of expectations is established with the students at the beginning of each school year.

The best discipline is self-discipline. Students are expected to take responsibility for their behavior. Our efforts to help students become self-disciplined, active and life-long learners require open lines of communication. Parents, teachers and students are all members of the community, and each can request a conference at any time.

The following expectations are in effect at Gamble Montessori High School:

  • Respect everyone’s ideas, feelings and belongings
  • Enter classes in an orderly manner, prepared for learning
  • Bring only necessary materials
  • Remain on task during class
  • Follow all instructions given
  • Follow all school and district rules and policies

When problems occur, the adults will make every effort to help the students resolve the situation in a manner that keeps the students in the learning environment. Some strategies that may be used to maintain a safe learning environment include positive reinforcement, conferences, reminders and warnings. In some cases, detentions, removal from class, outside interventions and suspension may be used. These measures are used in accordance with the stair-step discipline policy established by our Positive School Culture Committee. 

Absences and Missed Work

Whenever a student is absent from school, the parent must call the school on the morning of the absence. If the office does not receive an absence call, an adult from the school will call the home and/or work number of the parent.

We understand that sometimes students miss school. The important thing is to be certain that the student completes all missing work. Afterschool study tables or make-up work at home may be options. If parents would like to pick up work while the student is absent, please call your student’s teacher in the morning and allow until after lunchtime to compile the assignments.

Excessive absences or unexcused days late to school will be addressed by interventions with a social worker. 

Summer Homework

Summer homework keeps academic skills high during the summer months and gives teachers a head start in getting to know their students. Work varies by grade level but always includes core subjects. Students should give quality work and sufficient time towards these assignments. This work is due during the first week of school.

Academic Eligibility for Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities

To be eligible, without limitation, to participate in athletics or extra-curricular activities, a student cannot fail more than one class and must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average for the previous grading period. If a student has not failed more than one class, but does not have the required GPA, the student can attain eligibility if the student is on an intervention plan. If the student has failed more than one class, the student cannot be eligible.
These rules do not affect the ability of a teacher or administrator to limit or deny a student’s involvement in athletics or other extra-curricular activity because of behavior or other academic issues.

Dress Code

Within broad limits, dress and appearance are considered personal taste. Appropriate clothing and apparel, however, are required to be worn at all times. These limits generally relate to health, safety, modesty and professionalism. Students are expected to maintain an appearance that is not distracting or found to be disrespectful.

Parental support is very important to ensure that students respect the dress code. When dressed inappropriately, the student will be offered appropriate clothing or the student will wait in the office until a parent brings appropriate clothing. A parent-administrator conference may be arranged.

The following guidelines have been established at Gamble Montessori:

  • The 4 “B” Code: No Bottoms, Breasts, Bellies, or Bare backs/shoulders.
  • No headwear, including hats, scarves, dew rags, bandanas, hoods, etc.
  • Shirts are not permitted to have obscene, offensive or suggestive gestures, words or pictures. This includes any reference to alcohol, drugs, tobacco and violence.

  • Skirts and shorts must be at least mid-thigh in length, touching the fingertips with arms extended.

Cell Phones and Electronics

Cell phones and other electronic devices such as iPods are not permitted at school during the school day. Students should expect that these devices will be taken if used. Electronic devices that are confiscated during the instructional day will be held in the office until a parent can retrieve it.