Shadow Day Experience at Gamble Montessori

November 30, 2021

aerial view of Gamble Montessori High SchoolShadow Days at Gamble

Are you interested in learning more about Gamble Montessori High School?

We would like to offer our time to meet with prospective students and families. We believe it is important for students to have knowledge about all of their high school options, but with the new enrollment process we want to ensure you learn firsthand about the wonderful opportunity we provide here at Gamble Montessori High School.

We are excited to invite your family to sign up and attend one of our Shadow Day programs. The programs will run during the month of January and February allowing a total of 130 students to experience a day in the life here at our school. 

Sign up here: Shadow Day Sign-Up Form

Gamble Montessori High School aerial views by Bakemo Tunkara