Reminder: Student Device Repair is Easy and Convenient

February 17, 2021

New Hours and Locations

Beginning February 1, student device repair transitioned to five school locations for students who need to swap their device during distance learning. Students are welcome to go to any of the five hubs for technical support. The first step is to contact the Family Technology Support Center at (513) 363-0688 to determine if the issue can be resolved over the phone.

If it can't be fixed with the help of a representative from the support center, there is another option. Students and families can drop off their CPS-issued device at one of  five school sites and swap it out for another device. It's that simple.

Students, while in their school during in-person learning, will receive device support at the school. Student should take the device to their teacher, who will give it to either the school technology coordinator or the ITM tech.

Students and families should always try to contact the Family Technology Support Center before exchanging a broken device at (513) 363-0688 or email.  

New service hours and locations are shown below.

Student Device Repair Effective February 1, 2021


Hours of Operation

Aiken High School

8–10 a.m.



8–10 a.m.


Western Hills High School

10 a.m.–Noon


Shroder High School

Noon–2 p.m.


Woodward High School

Noon–2 p.m.