Gator Bites

April 25, 2018

Announcements today are in chronological order by event date, starting with notes on events that have already occurred.

Entry Procedures

Thank you for your help making our entry searches go as smoothly as possible. Students are quickly learning airport etiquette and figuring out what can and can't stay in their pockets, and have been patient through the delays. Students who are delayed by the search are admitted into class without penalty. We are working to eliminate those delays.

Second Annual Foundation Friendraiser

Thank you also to the many people who bought tickets, donated items, and/or showed up at the second annual Foundation Friendraiser last night at the Rawson House in Clifton. The Foundation raised around $1500 and will be able to offer scholarships to more students than ever next year, thanks to your participation.

Leadership Skills at Camp Kern

This week and next week our 7th grade students will be learning leadership skills at Camp Kern. The ZenCOH community will be gone from Monday to Wednesday. Students should arrive packed and ready to go (including a lunch) on Monday morning. The United Leaders community will be gone from Wednesday to Friday. Those students should arrive packed and ready to go (including a lunch) on Wednesday.


Cheerleading Tryouts for 8th-11th graders will be Monday the 23rd- Thursday the 26th. Meet in the cafeteria after school.

ACT Testing

Juniors are taking the ACT on Tuesday, April 24. A letter went home on Friday with lots of info. If your student did not get one, they can pick one up from Ms. Erin on Monday. A copy of the letter is also attached to the email version of this message.   ACT Information Letter.  

Seniors Visit the Zoo

The seniors will be at the Zoo on Tuesday, April 24. Permission slips should be turned into Mr. Banks. Seniors will be at the library on Friday April 27th.

AP Statistics Exam

Students taking AP Statistics have an opportunity to take a full practice exam for extra credit. The practice exam will be given at Walnut Hills High School on April 28th beginning promptly at 9am. The exam will take at a minimum of 3 hours. This is NOT mandatory, however, it is a good chance for students to experience a full test prior to their exam on May 17th. If your child does decide to attend, please remind them to bring their calculator and a pencil. If you have questions, please contact Ms. Stanton.

Prom Tickets

Prom is Saturday, April 28th, from 8pm - midnight at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. Tickets are $40 for singles and $70 for couples in advance, prices will go up at the door. Tickets are on sale at the 11/12 lunch and students need a signed permission slip to buy tickets. The Gamble student permission slip is attached to the email version of this message. Gamble and non-Gamble guest permission slips are available at lunch from the prom committee. Gamble Prom Permission Slip

Seniors' Baby Picture

Seniors please send in a baby picture by May 1st if you would like to be included in the Senior Video.


As always, there are lots of ways to get involved at Gamble Montessori, where we make a commitment to learning every day, and we will see you there!