Gator Bites

March 5, 2018

Cheers for Charity

Thanks to all families, friends and staff who showed up for the Cheers for Charity event last week. There was plenty of great conversation, baked goods, and door prize drawings. The PTO appreciates all who made this fundraiser possible.

Cincinnati Reds Straight A Tickets

On Friday, A honor students started to receive their vouchers for the Cincinnati Reds Straight A tickets. If your student hasn't received them by Monday, please have them ask their home room teacher. Thanks to the Cincinnati Reds for honoring the hard work of our Straight A honor roll students.

LSDMC Meeting

The LSDMC next meets on Monday, March 12th at 5:30 PM in Mr. Ogilby's room.

PTO Meeting

The PTO next meets on Tuesday, March 13th at 6 PM in Mr. Ogilby's room.

Scholarship Applications

This Wednesday, March 7th, from 4:00 – 6:00p, seniors are invited to the computer room to complete scholarship applications with the help of the College Guide.

3rd Quarter Ends Friday

Parents and students, 3rd quarter ends Friday. Please be sure to check PowerSchool and follow up with any missing assignments to get the work completed this week.

HIgh School Intersession

High school intersession starts Monday March 12th. Please check with your child to make sure they know where to report each day of intersession.

Freedom Center Visit

Middle School students will be visiting the Freedom Center this week in conjunction with our study of American history. The CoOL and LA communities will be going on Thursday and the UL and ZC communities are going on Friday. Please have your child bring a packed lunch

Fourth Quarter Fees are Due

Fourth quarter fees are due on March 9th -- $86 for 7th grade. 8th graders do not have fees this quarter. The fourth quarter permission slip packet will be coming home soon; please look for it and return all required signature pages to school as soon as possible.

Football Workouts

To all students interested football workouts will start will start March 12th. The days for workouts will be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 4-6pm. If anymore information is needed see Coach Rob.

Food Fundraiser Policy

While we are excited that enterprising students are looking for ways to raise money for field experiences, please note that when students sell food, including candy and candy bars, during the school day it is not only disruptive to classes or transitions, but it is also a violation of School Board policy. Students are encouraged to find time after school and off-campus to do food fundraisers, except for the authorized Foundation sales in the lobby daily. Students interested in participating in these sales should contact Mr. Haid. Students who violate the Board policy will receive a warning, and then increasing consequences.

Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball Teams Sectional Champions

Congratulations to the Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball Teams for bringing home Gambles first Sectional Championships and for both teams, their deepest playoff push in school history. Vivian Parker became Gamble's first basketball player to surpass the 1000 point barrier!

Baby Pictures

Seniors are reminded to bring in their baby pictures to Jessica League for inclusion in our graduation program.

As always, there are many ways to get involved at Gamble Montessori, where we make a commitment to learning every day, and we will see you there.