Gator Bites

January 2, 2018

School resumes on Tuesday, January 2nd.

Cold Weather Advisories

Also, please note that frigid temperatures in the forecast prompt a reminder that CPS has two cold-weather options in place. One is a two-hour delay for yellow buses - this has no impact on our school day (except for a small number of students with identified special needs who ride a dedicated yellow bus). The other option is to cancel school for all students. These decisions will most likely be communicated with a robocall and in the local media. Either way, remember to encourage your child to dress warmly. The west door at the big circle will be open each day at 8:00 for student drop-off, students can enter there and report to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Third Quarter Cycle Themes

Third quarter cycle themes are Transformation for middle school, Equality for 9th and 10th grade, and Our Stories: Justice, Hope, and Strength for 11th and 12th grade.  Ask your child about activities they’ve participated in related to these quarterly themes and about the kickoff - an impressionistic lesson introducing the theme in the opening days of the quarter.

3rd Quarter Fees Due January 5th

Middle school 3rd quarter fees are due on January 5th.  This is $141 for 7th graders and $75 for 8th graders.The third quarter permission slip packet will be coming home soon.  Please be sure to get all necessary documents signed and sent back to school.

Middle School Transformation Project

As part of the middle school exploration of "Transformation" this quarter, we are asking students to bring in a baby picture of themselves. They have each certainly transformed since then! While pictures will be returned to students at the end of the quarter, please don't send in something you can't live without. We can't wait to see all those cherubic baby faces ... and, in comparison, to see how grown up they are now.

Cincinnati Business Training Center Visit

10th graders are preparing to visit the Cincinnati Business Committee's Business Training Center on January 17th. There they will learn about communication, professionalism, and accountability from leaders at some of Cincinnati's largest businesses. Look for the permission slip to come home and sign and return it promptly. This is all part of the 6 year plan we have to prepare every student for life after high school.

High School Spring Intersession Signups

Attention HS families. Spring intersession sign ups are under way. To sign up for a specific intersession, your student must bring the intersession sign up form and the indicated deposit (in cash or money order) to the Gamble office by January 10th. Students who do not sign up for an intersession by that date will be placed in a local, lower cost intersession and will not be able to switch out of it. The sign up form  and a PDF document describing the intersession choices  are attached to the email version of this message. They are also available in the office and from most teachers. Please contact Mr. Vogt or Ms. Erin with questions.

Join the Foundation Advisory Team

Do you love to raise money? Do you hate to raise money? Great! The Gamble Montessori High School Foundation needs you! We are inviting parents & guardians from all grade levels to consider joining the Foundation as advisors. The Foundation needs parent & guardian advisors to share valuable feedback on current and potential fundraisers, to provide input on fund allocation planning, to run fundraisers in specific communities, to help identify resources outside of our four walls, and to suggest ways to improve the Foundation’s engagement with the Gamble community. If you are interested in learning more, please plan to join us at our upcoming Foundation information meeting on Wednesday, January 3rd at 5:00 PM in the community space. This is a no-commitment meeting, just to learn more about what we do, and ways you can help.

Upcoming Meetings

The LSDMC meets on Monday, January 8th at 5:30 in Mr. Ogilby's room (former Community Space.)
The PTO meets on Tuesday, January 9th at 6 PM in Mr. Ogilby's room (former Community Space.)

Book Lending Libraries 

When we return to school on Tuesday, two of our 7 book lending libraries will be open for use. Students can lend or borrow books during transitions and before and after school. We still need more books! Thanks for donating books of interest to teens and adults, including fiction and nonfiction. Send books in with your child or drop them off in the office. 

 As always, there are lots of ways to get involved at Gamble Montessori where we make a commitment to learning every day, and we will see you there!