Gator Bites

December 11, 2017

Update Your Email Address

Do we have your email address? If you don't get an email version of this message each Sunday night, including important and useful attachments, then either we don't have your email address or you have us blocked. Call 363-2602 to insure that we have your current email address in PowerSchool. You can also find this message on our website each Monday,

Spring Intersession Sign Ups

Attention HS families. Spring intersession sign ups are under way. To sign up for a specific intersession, your student must bring the intersession sign up form and the indicated deposit (in cash or money order) to the Gamble office by January 10th. This deposit holds your space in the intersession. Students who do not sign up for an intersession by that date will be placed in a local, lower cost intersession and will not be able to switch out of it. The sign up form  and a PDF document describing the intersessions  are attached to the email version of this message, they are also available in the office and from most teachers. Please contact Mr. Vogt or Ms. Erin with questions.

Semester Exams

Semester exams are this week. Please help your child prepare by setting aside time for study and ensuring a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast.


The LSDMC meets at 5:30 on Monday, and the PTO meets at 6:00 on Tuesday. Both meetings take place in the community space. All are welcome.

Winter Tea

The middle school winter tea serves as our second quarter wrap-up activity. All students have been asked to bring in items to help make this event festive. Please ask your child about his or her commitment. Students have been instructed that these are expected to be low-cost contributions. Hopefully most items can be found at home; if not, please do not spend more than $5-$10 on this.

2nd Quarter Ends Friday

The end of the second quarter is on Friday. Please review grades with your child by checking PowerSchool together, and assist your student with completing any missing assignments by the end of the quarter. Quarter 2 report cards will be sent home after winter break.

Fees are Due

Middle school 3rd quarter fees are due on January 5th. This is $141 for 7th graders and $75 for 8th graders.The third quarter permission slip packet will be coming home soon. Please be sure to get all necessary documents signed and sent back to school.

Cell Phone Policy

Students often ask us why we have a cell phone policy of "off and away during the day". Fair question. And there is an answer that supports the health and well-being of all of our students. There is a growing body of evidence that shows how damaging the constant screen use can be to teenagers. You can find a detailed article about the benefits and concerns about adolescents and technology from our friends at Forest Bluff Montessori school at the link included in the email version of this call.

Winter Recess

There is no school from 12/18 – 1/2 due to the winter recess. We hope that this time away from school and work provides you a chance to show your appreciation and love for your families and friends. Spending time together engaged in board games, outdoor activities, cooking, and performing community service can help form strong bonds and lifelong memories.

As always, lots of ways to get involved at Gamble Montessori, where we make a commitment to learning every day, and we will see you in 2018!