Gator Bites

October 9, 2017

Intersession Week

It is high school intersession week! Each semester we create a unique learning experience by carving out two consecutive weeks where students can explore topics in-depth. In the fall this happens by grade level, with students at 9th and 11th grades learning about college, and 10th and 12th graders exploring careers. In each case, we will also maintain our practices of building student skills in understanding how they learn, and how to be in community with each other.

Juniors, don't forget Monday we start intersession at Cincinnati State. Meet at the steps by the Ludlow garage at 8:45. Pack a lunch or bring at least $10 to buy lunch, and a writing utensil. Also don't forget your permission slip if you haven't turned it in yet.

LSDMC Meeting

The LSDMC meets on Monday, October 9th at 5:30 in Mr. Ogilby's room (former Community Space.)

PTO Meeting

The PTO meets on Tuesday, October 10th at 6 PM in Mr. Ogilby's room (former Community Space.)

Pigeon Key Experience

8th grade families, Our Pigeon Key field experience serves as the culminating component to our middle school program. This is truly a life-changing opportunity for your child. A very important Pigeon Key planning meeting is being held Wednesday at 6:00 in the auditorium. Please plan to attend. We will be going over the details of the trip and answering any questions you might have. The second Pigeon Key payment of $400 is due at this time. Fundraising opportunities are available; this will be discussed at the meeting.

End of the Quarter is Friday

The end of the first quarter is on Friday. Please review grades with your child by checking PowerSchool together, and assist your student with completing any missing assignments by the end of the quarter. Quarter 1 report cards will be sent home soon.

Communal Book Box Sharing Program

This year at Gamble we are trying to establish a communal book box sharing program in the halls of the school. We are planning to utilize the old fire hose boxes in the various hallways around the building, for housing donated books to share. For more details contact Tom Haid or John Ploehs and if you have books to donate you can deliver to them immediately to begin this collection process. If you want to help in other ways just speak with either John or Tom.

Box Tops Deadline

The box top November 1 submission deadline is approaching and we are making a push to get as many box tops in by then. So if you have any laying around your house, please bring them in and put them in the jar in the office by Wednesday, October 25th. Thanks to everyone who has been turning them in. We were able to upgrade the chairs in the computer lab last year using some of our box top money.

Meet the Senior Night

Seniors, don't forget meet the senior night is on Wednesday, November 1 at 7:00. Your RSVP and money is due on Tuesday, October 24, the day we get back from intersession. RSVPs and money go to Ms. Erin. The RSVP form is available in the office and attached to the email version  of this message if you need a new one.

Scholarship Applications

The Gamble Montessori Foundation has met and reviewed scholarship applications. They will be notifying those students/families who were awarded scholarships for field studies and intersessions this week. Thanks to all who submitted applications. We wish we could have funded all who requested. Just a reminder that the Foundation has several programs available to help you raise money for school purposes. Please contact Tom Haid for more information.

Fees are Due

Middle school 2nd quarter fees are due on 10/13. Please be sure to get these turned into the office along with the 2nd quarter field experience permission form coming home soon.

As always, there are lots of ways to get involved at Gamble Montessori, where we make a commitment to learning every day, and we will see you there.