Gator Bites

May 21, 2018

Senior Graduation Information

Seniors, please note that graduation practice and your final day of high school starts at 9:30 Monday and ends with the senior farewell assembly - dismissing just before 3:45. We have a full day planned including distribution of caps and gowns, the Gator Grad Walk at Dater Montessori, and distribution of graduation tickets! If you will be decorating your mortarboard, that funny hat we wear at graduation, your design must be approved in advance.

Middle School Students to King's Island 

Middle school students will celebrate the end of the school year at King’s Island on Wednesday. In order to allow families to use KI passes that they may have already purchased, payment for this trip is unique. Please check with your child for information about this. We were unable to secure bus transportation that would return students to Gamble prior to dismissal, so this is an extended day activity. Students will have 2 options: 
Either return the signed permission slip indicating that you are allowed to stay later than the 3:00 yellow bus departure time from Kings Island. School staff supervision will end at 3:00; parents are responsible for their child’s transportation from KI back home. 
Or Students will board the bus at KI at 3:00, and will return to Gamble at 4:00. Parents will need to arrange transportation home for their child from Gamble at 4:00.

Community Conversations on Race and Equity 

On Wednesday night, Gamble will host the final of 4 Community Conversations on Race and Equity. This student-led conversation started by looking at Gamble's own data related to race and discipline. Where does it go from there? Let's find out together from 6:30 to 8:30 Wednesday night. 

Last Day of the School Year and Summer Information 

The last day of the school year is on Thursday. Summer hw is an important way for students to maintain skills over the long summer break, and it is a requirement at Gamble. Students will be given these packets prior to the end of the school year. They are due on the first day of school next year. Teachers are required to use this summer work in the opening activities of the school year, so the effort is important. Please work with your child to develop a structured schedule in which to do this valuable work.

Course Failures and Summer School 

Parents, for some of our students, this summer means the gift of extra instructional time. If your child has failed one or more courses, please work with them and their team to see if summer school is necessary. It is important to not carry credit deficits beyond summer. You will find the summer school registration form here.

Parents Needed for Fall Camp and Fall Intersession 

Fall camp and fall intersession are a little over three months away, and the PTO is asking for parents's help. Let us know if you would be willing to dedicate some time or talent - an extra pair of hands, an extra set of wheels, camping experience, or additional talents could all be helpful. Email Michelle Henderson at Thanks for being a Gamble Montessori Parent!

Remember To Take Home Your Medication 

Parents, if your child has any medication at a school please make plans to pick it up on May 24th, 2018 by 3:45. If you are unable to pick up medication please call Ms. Sheila the schools Health Asst. and she will tell you what steps can be taken next. Also, if your child will have summer school please let Ms. Sheila know so she can leave the medication with the front office staff. Thank you and have a great summer.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety in Westwood Conversation 

Westwood residents, we will be having a two-part conversation about pedestrian and bicycle safety and access in Westwood. Please join us for this important conversation at the Town Hall at 7pm May 21 and May 24th to discuss the issues and a proposed plan for pedestrian safety. This attached flyer reinforces this message.
As always, there are lots of ways to get involved at Gamble Montessori, where we make a commitment to learning every day, and we will see you there.