Gator Bites

May 14, 2018

This week's update includes important information for seniors first, and then the usual updates in chronological order.

Senior Scholarship Information

Seniors and senior parents, each year we are impressed with the number and dollar amount of scholarships offered to our students. The district also tracks this information, so we ask seniors to bring copies of award letters, even for schools you are not attending, to Mrs. Patterson by May 15th!

Graduation Information

 Seniors, attached to the email version of this message, please find two important forms. First is a copy of the form needed to request graduation tickets, which are capped at 15 per family. Instructions include what to do if you do not need that many, and what to do if you need more. With good communication we can get all of our important family members to commencement. Also, again this year we will be allowing 2 dimensional decoration of your graduation cap. Instructions for submitting your design for approval are also attached.      Graduation Tickets      Graduation Cap Decoration

LSDMC Meeting

The LSDMC meets on Monday, May 14th at 5:30 PM in the Community Space (Mr. Ogilby's room.) We will be doing our LSDMC self-evaluation and discussing other important issues.

PTO Meeting

The PTO meets on Tuesday, May 15th at 6 PM in the Community Space (Mr. Ogilby's room.) Agenda items include:
•The 2018-19 PTO & School Calendar,
•Fall Camping/Intersession Volunteer Skillsets Needed,
•Campus Beatification Needs,
•other important issues.

Senior Project Night

We invite you to Senior project night this Thursday at 6:00 in the community space, gym, and social studies rooms. Come see what a capstone project looks like, and learn from our seniors after a year of research, practice, and service. Our seniors have labored hard and long to bring you this final indication of their preparation for a life of investigation outside of the classroom. A showing from our community helps reinforce the message that we support them now and in the future!

Final Exams Week

High school exams are next week. Please work with your child to schedule needed review times, as these exams are a significant portion of students' semester grades. 

Students Returning from Pigeon Key, Florida 

Our second group of 8th grade students return from their Pigeon Key, Florida marine biology study this Wednesday afternoon at 2:45. Please be sure to arrive on time. Your child is eager to see you, and the teachers are eager to see their families too!

American Montessori Society Living Legacy Honoree

Gamble Montessori is proud to share the announcement that this year's American Montessori Society Living Legacy honoree is Cincinnati's own Marta Donahoe. Marta is in no small part responsible for the existence of secondary Montessori in CPS, and Gamble Montessori would not exist without her work and dedication. A link is provided in the email version of this message where people can read about Marta's legacy, and where we can also share stories and thanks to Marta for what her work has meant to us. This will be shared with her at next year's AMS annual convention.

 As always, there are lots of ways to get involved at Gamble Montessori, where we make a commitment to learning every day, and we will see you there.