Gamble Montessori High School Class of 2020 Graduation Processional

May 11, 2020

aerial view of Gamble Montessori High School's Parking LotsGamble Montessori High School is hosting their Graduation Parade at 5 p.m. Friday, May 22, 2020, at 3036 Werk Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Arrival is at 4:30 p.m.; processional begins at 5 p.m. (The procession will start in the Ramona lot and finish at Werk circle.)

Precautions and Safety

  • Staff participation will be limited to teachers and vital support staff. All staff members will be asked to record temperature reading upon arrival, and if any individual believes they are expressing symptoms of illness they are to exclude themselves from the event. All staff members will be required to wear PPE, specifically face mask and exercise social distancing of 10 feet. Sanitizer will be used between the distribution of each diploma. Cincinnati Police Officers will be strategically placed along the route of the processional for support.
  • Students and families will be instructed to attend in a single vehicle. All guests will remain in their vehicle at all times. Graduates will be instructed to sit in the front passenger seat and to wear PPE, specifically face masks.


  • Vehicles will enter the student lot off of Ramona Street. 
  • Staff will check in each vehicle at the gate and assign a parking space.
  • Staff will green light each car in alphabetical order to begin processional.
  • Vehicle will travel up rear of the student lot and under the breezeway.
  • Vehicle will stop near the student entry of the school to be recognized by staff.
  • Vehicle will exit lot when given the green light from staff and turn right onto Epworth.
  • Vehicle will turn right onto Werk and enter the front circle lot.
  • Vehicle will go one at a time through the circle to meet administration and receive diploma. 
  • No one should exit the vehicle at any time. Diplomas and gifts will be handed to student while in the vehicle.

Graduation Procession Route (one-page PDF)

Event Notifications

  • Graduates and their families will be invited to the event via admin robocall, admin email to parents, during the senior celebration on Google Meet May 11, directions will be given to each senior during locker clean up on May 15, counselors will call every student on their caseload and teacher teams will also send reminders. Our campus marquee and social media platforms will be utilized. 
  • Students will video their full name with enunciation upon arrival May 15. 
  • A letter to our neighbors will be written and left on the doors of our immediate neighbor to inform them of the event and expected traffic flow. 

Event Proceedings

  • Admin, security and key personnel will have radios hot on day of event.
  • Graduates will be invited and instructed to arrive in one vehicle.
  • Diplomas and awards will be arranged alphabetically on a single large table near the stairs in the front circle.
  • School counselor and security will check in students and assign parking at Ramona gate.
  • Teacher and security will begin processional at rear of student lot at 5 p.m.
  • Teacher and security will hold/release vehicle as they leave the student entry area.
  • Cincinnati police will secure and patrol traffic on Epworth. (Beginning at Ramona and flowing up to Werk)
  • Security, school counselor and teacher will control entry to Werk circle. One car at a time to allow for safe diploma pick up
  • Administration will announce and commemorate the graduate.
  • Loma and Cheree will organize the diplomas upon being announced onto the staging table.
  • Administration will hand the graduate diplomas and awards through the front passenger window. (Hands will be sanitized after each graduate.)

Special Notes

The 2020 graduation processional will be recorded and filmed live by Nikki and Sean. The senior remembrance slideshow will be projected on a screen at the student entry area and organized by Emma and Kelly.

The class of 2020 yard signs and balloons should decorate the campus along the entire route. We will need to record Valedictorian speech and Keynote speech in advance. The speeches should be played on a loop in the student entry area and Werk circle with an outdoor sound system organized by Tom and Sean. We will allow staff and families to park in Epworth lot to cheer and celebrate the graduates.

At no time should any students exit their vehicles during the processional.

Everyone is encouraged to decorate their vehicles to show the love for our graduating class.