Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Primary Phone Email
Applegate, Virginia Testing Coordinator 363-2652 email staff
Benge, Denise School Psychologist 323-2629 email staff
Bowers, Pamela Central Clinic Director email staff
Keller, Joe School Social Worker email staff
League, Jessica Lunchroom Manager 363-2698 email staff
Mills, Kelly School Counselor Grades 7 and 8 363-2604 email staff
Mingo, Aaron Technology Coordinator 323-2685 email staff
Moore, Patty School Psychologist email staff
Osei-Barfi, Joseph Senior Accounting Tech 363-2603
Patterson, Jodi School Counselor Grades 9 and 10 363-2643 email staff
Penick, Jamin School Counselor Grades 11 and 12 363-2612 email staff
Sam, Edwin Plant Operator 323-2615 email staff
Schwegman, Emily Data Coach 363-2656 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Grade Primary Phone Website Email
Abrahim, Adrian Paraprofessional 1 on 1 email staff
Adams, Karen ESL Coordinator email staff
Allen , Sheila Paraprofessional Autism Unit (7/8) email staff
Allen, Gabrielle Paraprofessional Universal Trailblazers (9/10) email staff
Applegate, Mike Security email staff
Applegate, Virginia Math Universal Trailblazers (9/10) 363-2652 email staff
Banks, Jason Science 11/12 363-2633 email staff
Bauer, Julia Math / Science Community of Original Learners (7/8) 363-2632 email staff
Berding, Jessica Autism Unit 7/8 363-2674 email staff
Brantley, James ELA/Social Studies Luminous Achievers (7/8) 323-2664 email staff
Butts, Rosalyn Math / Science Zen Community of Hope (7/8) 363-2678 email staff
Cain, Ashlee English A-Team (9/10) 363-2631 email staff
Campbell, Lasharee Security email staff
Chal, Maria Science A-Team (9/10) 363-2665 email staff
Curran, Kevin AP Human Geography 11/12 email staff
Davis, Will Paraprofessional Autism Unit (9-12) email staff
Deacon, Evan ELA/Social Studies 11/12 363-2636 email staff
Dudley, Mary Agricultural Educ Electives (7-12) 363-2639 email staff
Edmondson, Krista Math/Science United Leaders (7/8) 363-2648 email staff
Fate, Taylor Central Clinic Therapist 323-2647 email staff
Favors, Gary Intervention Specialist A-Team (9/10) 363-2684 email staff
Frank, Tom Music - Choir Electives (7-12) 363-2621 email staff
Gilday, Dennis Paraprofessional 11/12 email staff
Halsey, Cristina Spanish Electives (7-12) 363-2622 email staff
Haring, Jami Paraprofessional UL & ZenCoH (7/8) email staff
Hill, Anna Intervention Specialist Zen Community of Hope (7/8) 363-2687 email staff
Holmes, Mike Paraprofessional email staff
Hopster, Heather Paraprofessional 1 on 1 email staff
Horton, Jessica Paraprofessional 7/8 email staff
Huhtala, Brian Band Electives (7-12) 363-2638 email staff
Johnson-Hayes, Jasmine Intervention Specialist Luminous Achievers (7/8) 363-2671 email staff
Kane, Matt Intervention Specialist 11/12 363-2626 email staff
Kim, In Sook Korean Electives (7-12) 363-2628 email staff
Korte, Brian Autism Unit 9-12 363-2660 email staff
Kuppusamy, Bala Intervention Specialist 11/12 323-2625 email staff
League, Justin Paraprofessional 7/8 (MH) email staff
Libecap, Shiela Intervention Specialist 7/8 (MH) 363-2667 email staff
Lytle, Sarah ELA/Social Studies Legacy of Learners (7/8) 323-2637 email staff
Martines, Kipp Intervention Specialist Legacy of Learners (7/8) 363-2640 email staff
Martinez, Ashley ELA/Social Studies Zen Community of Hope (7/8) 363-2636 email staff
McNulty, Daniel Occupational Therapist 363-2676 email staff
Miller, David Physical Education Electives (7-12) 363-2655 email staff
Molloy, Sarah Paraprofessional 1 on 1 email staff
Morehead, Kelly Central Clinic Counselor 363-2606 email staff
Moss, Lamar Security email staff
Neiswander, Samantha ELA Universal Trailblazers (9/10) 363-2645 email staff
Ogilby, Brandon English 11/12 363-2670 email staff
Pardi, Scott Intervention Specialist Community of Original Learners (7/8) 363-2634 email staff
Ploehs, John Reading Specialist 363-2681 email staff
Priestle, Marilou Intervention Specialist 9-12 (MH) 363-2654 email staff
Provenzano, Brian Intervention Specialist 9-12 (MH) 363-2646 email staff
Rachel, Robert Paraprofessional 363-2634 email staff
Rigney, Judith Math A-Team (9/10) 363-2653 email staff
Roberts, Amy Paraprofessional 1 on 1 email staff
Roebuck, Phillip Science Universal Trailblazers (9/10) 363-2630 email staff
Schafer, Olivia ELA/Social Studies Community of Original Learners (7/8) 363-2627 email staff
Schneder, Melissa Intervention Specialist Universal Trailblazers (9/10) 363-2679 email staff
Smyth, Cheri Art Electives (7-12) 363-2657
Stanton, Tiffany AP Stats 11/12 363-2628 email staff
Sulek, Scott Social Studies A-Team (9/10) 363-2682 email staff
Terry, Maria Intervention Specialist A-Team (9/10) 363-2675
Trotter, Dana English Electives (7-12) 363-2650 email staff
Tucker, Renae Security email staff
Uhlhorn, Stephen Social Studies Universal Trailblazers (9/10) 363-2659 email staff
Vogt, Joshua Social Studies 11/12 363-2651 email staff
Wells, Lee Paraprofessional Autism Unit email staff
Westerling, Emily Math/Science Legacy of Learners (7/8) 323-2668 email staff
Westrick, Alex Intervention Specialist United Leaders (7/8) 363-2658 email staff
Wheatley, Robert ELA/Social Studies United Leaders (7/8) 363-2649 email staff
Wilson, Erin Math 11/12 363-2644 email staff
Wood, Roy SLP 363-2676
Worrell, Erin Spanish Electives (9-12) 363-2624 email staff