Welcome to Gamble Gator Sports!

Gamble Montessori Athletics

Be Part of a new tradition our Gamble Montessori varsity athletic program began fielding teams in the Fall of 2011. We are members of the OHSAA and the CMAC, with your interest and support, our program will continue to grow!

At James N. Gamble Montessori we believe that student academic achievement is improved by providing a comprehensive program of school-sponsored athletic activities. These activities are administered by dedicated, competent and caring coaches, advisors and sponsors. We are dedicated to providing our student athletes with every opportunity to pursue their athletic and academic goals. 

Athletics provide the following advantages:

  • Athletics support the academic mission of our school, teaching students self-discipline, self-confidence and skills to handle competitive situations.
  • Athletics increase academic performance and reduce dropout rates.
  • Athletics further the values of a positive lifestyle, promote the values of good citizenship, and reduce the effects of negative peer pressure.

Check out our new Athletics Website to find sports schedules.