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Our college-prep curriculum meets or exceeds all Ohio Curriculum standards. All high school core subject classes are taught at the AA (honors) level. Our specialist/elective classes help meet our Montessori curriculum by placing emphasis on the education and development of the whole child. These classes include fine arts, physical education, foreign languages, computer applications, and other special academic offerings.

High School Course Guide

Our 2022-2023 Course Guide  includes more detail about the opportunities and resources available to our high school students. Students and their families are encouraged to use the High School Course Guide to plan their educational pathway. The guide includes course descriptions, information about early college credit and alternative credit programs, and more. Graduation requirements, grade reporting, report cards and other policies and procedures are also included in the guide.

Field Studies

At James N. Gamble Montessori High School, students must participate in two field studies (also known as intersessions) per year. Students are encouraged to explore interests outside of the classroom and/or outside the traditional school day. Follow the links to find information about upcoming field studies.

Each planned experience is an important part of the Cycle theme and curriculum lessons. Field experiences are linked closely to class work, and grades are given for the student’s participation, learning, and work on these experiences. Students must attend all field experiences.

Each year, students participate in two major field experiences. Junior high students participate in camping every fall, then in the spring, 7th grade students attend Leadership Camp, while 8th grade students take part in a culminating marine biology study in Florida. Senior high students attend two 2-week intersession courses each school year. Other one-day field experiences are also scheduled.

Most field experiences require fee payments, and some of these fees are substantial. Our foundation offers many fundraisers for families to raise money for fees. Students themselves should contribute meaningfully toward fee payments through participation in fundraisers.

Junior High Instructional Format

  • 2022-2023 Junior High School Course Guide
  • Combined grades 7 & 8 classrooms
  • Students are organized into communities.
  • Approximately 50 students per community
  • 2 core subject teachers and 1 instructional assistant per community
  • Weekly community meetings
  • Yearly fall camping trip
  • Year-end culminating trip (7th grade leadership camp; 8th grade marine biology study)

High School Instructional Format

  • Senior high communities by grade
  • Grade level specific instruction
  • All core subjects are taught at AA (honors) level
  • Induction to the James A. Gamble National Honor Society is offered to juniors and seniors who are recommended.
  • Two-week Intersessions mid-semester (twice yearly)—fall intersession by grade level; spring intersession by choice
  • Weekly Community Meetings & Advisory
  • College Preparation: ACT, SAT, applications, resume building
  • Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP) is available for students to earn free college credit (and complete high school graduation requirements) by taking classes at area colleges and universities.
  • Ongoing research with culminating Senior Project 

2022-2023 Supply Lists

A student's success depends on being prepared for school. Please purchase supplies from the appropriate lists below.