School Profile

The faculty and staff of James N. Gamble Montessori High School grades 7-12 are committed to developing students into thoughtful, intelligent and inclusive human spirits. Montessori education is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological development, as well as technological advancements in society.

James Gamble Montessori High School offers a rigorous college preparatory program that marries academic concepts with real-world experiences to help students appreciate their role in society. Students are challenged creatively through a strong fine arts program that includes drama, visual art, band, strings and vocal music. In addition, students participate in community service projects and a variety of field experiences with businesses and organizations throughout the community. There are two week intersessions (one in the Fall and one in the Spring). The instructional format for the school is grade level communities with interdisciplinary themes guided curriculum development, weekly community meetings, and advisories. There are fifty students per community with two teachers and one instructional assistant. Programs are specific by grade levels. In the 7th grade students participate in a Leadership Camp, 8th graders partake in a Culminating Field Trip, and 12th graders are required to design a research based project culminating in a presentation at a community night. Each year students are asked to pursue their hobbies and personal interests in addition to regular schoolwork to develop their topic for the independent learning project. All students complete an Independent Learning Project. 

Gamble High School is unique due to the Montessori program. Cincinnati’s Clark Montessori was the first public Montessori high school in the nation, and Gamble follows in its innovative path by continuing to offer this alternative curriculum to Cincinnati’s students on the west side. Our commitment to “follow the child” as directed by Maria Montessori uniquely empowers us to balance targeted and differentiated instruction with community-building and field experiences, creating an engaging learning environment. Unlike Clark, Gamble accepts some students who do not have experience in a Montessori classroom. Additionally, 24.3% of Gamble students have IEP’s and 53.2% of students are economically disadvantaged. At Gamble 87.1 % of courses are taught by certified teachers with 93.5% of classes taught by highly qualified teachers. 


Our rigorous college prep program begins in the seventh grade and continues through twelfth grade. Projects that require long range planning, group interactions, research and demonstrations to gain and share knowledge are integral parts of our Montessori school.


Developing a sense of community – with all of the challenges, responsibilities, joys and its preparation for life--is an essential part of our Montessori program. Our school community includes not only students and teachers, but also parents. Parental support and involvement is vital to the success of your student and our program.

What to Expect — an Overview

  • Statement of Commitment signed each year by student and parent, agreeing to abide by our core values and fully participate in all aspects of our program
  • College prep curriculum including nightly homework
  • Community service requirements
  • Curriculum-based field experiences
  • Two extended Erdkinder experiences per year (see specifics below)
  • Student-led conferences
  • Parent involvement
  • Sports & extra-curricular activities
  • After-school homework help sessions
  • Team-building initiatives
  • Independent learning projects
  • Montessori-trained teachers in core subjects
  • Interdisciplinary themes guide curriculum development
  • Informational and community-building presentations and events for students and families
  • Fundraising opportunities (to assist with field experience and community fees)