James N. Gamble Montessori High School
We seek to help each other develop as thoughtful, intelligent, inclusive human spirits who contribute to the stewardship of our community and planet.

Attention Parents/Guardians

Would you like to be more involved with your 7th/8th grader and his/her school?  Would you like an opportunity to earn scholarships for your child?  Then please consider attending our Parent/Guardian Academy hosted by Leadership Scholars.  For more details, click here .


The faculty and staff of Gamble Montessori High School are committed to developing students into thoughtful, intelligent and inclusive human spirits who contribute to the stewardship of our community and our planet. Using Montessori principles, we create an enriching, diverse and nurturing environment that helps students achieve limitless potential.

We have high expectations of all our students and we teach them to have high expectations of themselves. We offer a rigorous college preparatory program that marries academic concepts with real-world experiences to help students appreciate their role in our society. Students also are challenged creatively through a strong fine arts program that includes drama, visual art, band, strings and vocal music. In addition, students participate in community service projects and a variety of field experiences with businesses and organizations throughout our city and around the world.

Inside every child is a natural ability to learn. At Gamble Montessori, we nurture that ability so that students develop a lifelong passion for learning and gain the confidence they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.


  • We have moved to our permanent home in Westwood
  • We are one of the two CPS high schools to have a National Merit Scholar in 2012 (Walnut Hills, Gamble Montessori).
  • We are the ONLY high school in Greater Cincinnati to have a Gates Millennium Scholar in 2012
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Please visit our Academics page to find checklists for college-readiness, links to summer homework, the spring optioning sheet, and a list of the post-secondary destinations of the class of 2012.


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